Technology & IP

InteRNA pursued a new approach to identify the best miRNA candidate/miRNA targets for each disease type considered. The developed miRNA discovery and functional validation platform enabled an unbiased screening approach in R&D focusing on the elucidation of the functional roles of individual miRNAs. This approach gave a direct insight in potential function and allowed for combinatorial screens with e.g. chemo, radiation, targeted kinase inhibitors and immunotherapy to address resistance/ resensitization.

  • Leading miRNA discovery and functional validation platform


InteRNA created the core of its technology platform through the use of massively parallel sequencing and proprietary, highly advanced bioinformatics methods to analyze, predict and validate miRNA sequences. This has led to the identification of a large population of novel miRNAs. InteRNA further analyzed an extensive collection of small RNAs from different human tissues in order to refine existing annotations and establish miRNA expression patterns. Comparison of miRNA cloning frequencies in the different tissues allowed for identification of miRNA sets predominantly expressed in specific tissues, as well as arm-switching events and differential isomiR expression.



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